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The Average bartender, despite the slanders of professional moralists, is a man of self respect and self possession; a man who excels at a difficult art and is well aware of it; a man who shrinks from ruffianism as he does from uncleanliness; in short, a gentleman...

The Company


You'll find some of Shaker's friends within the industry, below you'll find some of the best brands and suppliers we have worked with for several years. If your company is interested in becoming a friend of Shaker please contact -

Bacardi Rum
Core Catering Supplies
All catering and bar equipment, crockery and glassware
GAAP Point Of Sales
Shaker POS Unit
Growers & importers of 1st Grade Limes

Contact number: 083 659 9495
MONIN Gourmet Flavourings
MONIN Gourmet Flavourings
Shaker Speciality Coffee Association Of SA
The Speciality Coffee Association of Southern Africa (SCASA) is the trade association for the Southern Africa coffee industry, one of the fastest growing food industries in the world. SCASA is a registered Section 21 company operating under the banner of "A United Passion for Coffee".

The goal of SCASA is to "develop coffee consumption and appreciation in Southern Africa through education and community"
Sir Fruit
Shakers' choice for fresh fruit juices for all our courses.
Shaker SA's pouring gin
The World Flair Assosiaction
This is a global network brought together by four giant names in the world of flair, who felt there was a need in promoting and assisting different countries in their events by sharing their combined experiences gained by being heavily involved within the flair and service industry.